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Client    Dead Line Expo
Année   2024
Projet    Design affiche / recherche / projet personnel

My contribution for the posters exhibition deadlines_expo about climate emergency. 
Find us at larecyclerie in Paris the 26th of April at 7pm. I propose a personal graphic traduction of the Gaïa hypothesis. This 1970’s biogeochemical theory observed the earth’s self regulation and the inner-interconnection of the living beings. Nowadays Gaïa is considered as a new way to think our relation to our global environment in the contexte of the anthropocene area. (Go listen the anthropologist Bruno Latour for more)
This contradiction is concentrated in the concept of Gaïa, greek goddess mother of the living and the chaos. Chaos here is graphically translated into the shape of a lame duck born by the “G” of Gaïa.

Artwork               Diane Boivin atelier
Commissaires    Police Studio
Lieu d’exposition  La Recyclerie (Paris)

direction artistiqueDiane Boivin, tous droits à l’image réservés